Where Ravonna Renslayer Went In The Loki Finale Explained

Loki season 2 is just a matter of time yet, up until after that, Mobius is left asking “where’s my Ravonna?” Since the best episode, few Loki followers have actually trusted the Time Variation Authority, and also those qualms verified wholly warranted. Thanks to Loki’s propensity for mischief, Tom Hiddleston’s MCU antihero was able to spark a transformation within the TVA by disclosing its deceptiveness to Mobius, while Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie dealt with B-15, starting a chain reaction of disobedience. Judge Ravonna Renslayer took care of the fact extremely differently. Already privy to details regular grunts weren’t (such as the Void), Ravonna remained to believe in the TVA’s goal, as well as seriously needed to know who she was really benefiting.

In Loki’s period 1 finale, Renslayer is no closer to a breakthrough. With an (understandably) mad Mobius on her situation and B-15 damaging the troops, Renslayer’s authority over variations is on borrowed time. In her last scene of the period, Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s high-strung politician utilizes a TemPad to disappear into the temporal aether, leaving a bemused Mobius stuttering on the ground. Renslayer offers him (and also the target market) no hint regarding her location, so where could Ravonna be heading?

Ever since she enjoyed Sylvie rob one of the TVA’s “sacred” Time-Keepers of its robot head, Renslayer has gotten on a mission to learn who put them there in the first place. Wherever she’s heading in Loki season 2, it’s undoubtedly in service of that goal. As Loki and Sylvie found, the TVA’s leader was really He Who Stays – a version of Kang the Conqueror. But since Renslayer really did not show up in the Citadel at the End of Time, and He Who Remains remains no more thanks to Sylvie, it’s unlikely she’s going there. Loki’s wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey shenanigans suggest Renslayer might’ve visited He That Remains at a point prior to Loki as well as Sylvie got here – yet is that even possible currently his fatality has changed truth completely?

Where Ravonna Renslayer Went In The Loki Finale Explained
Where Ravonna Renslayer Went In The Loki Finale Explained

More likely, Renslayer is on her means to fulfill a various Kang variation. Maybe the extremely first of them to crack open the multiverse, or perhaps the Kang that has seemingly taken control of the TVA (as confirmed by that chilling last sculpture shot). This would associate the Marvel comics, in which Ravonna is Kang’s right-hand woman and enthusiast. It’s also feasible (perhaps even likely) that Ravonna traveled to the 31st century, allied with Kang, and after that assisted him end up being the Time Difference Authority’s happy new proprietor. This way, Ravonna would obtain the solutions she needs regarding the TVA’s creation, as well as become part of the new and enhanced(?) regimen.

An additional essential information comes courtesy of Miss Minutes. Ravonna wanted the chirpy little avatar to uncover all documents on the TVA’s development, however after the wheel quit rotating, the Court was left considering the incorrect data. When confronted, Miss Minutes ominously responds, “he assumes this will be more useful.” The “he” in question must undoubtedly be He That Stays (the variation Sylvie kills), which suggests Ravonna Renslayer was his contingency strategy in case the Lokis made the incorrect selection. Whatever Jonathan Majors’ apple-cruncher told Miss Minutes to reveal Ravonna may’ve set her on a path toward saving the timeline from Kang the Conqueror.

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