You Can Now StraightUp Murder People As Halo Characters In Gears 5

You Can Now Straight-Up Murder People As Halo Characters In Gears 5

Microsoft just released the Halo Reach Character Pack in case you thing Gears 5 needed a few Spartans to lighten the mood.

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If you can’t wait for Halo Infinite, then you can at least play as a Spartan soldier in Gears 5.

We’re fast approaching the time when we’ll be able to get our hands on Gears 5, the fifth installed to the highly successful Gears of War franchise. Since everyone was already calling the series “Gears,” developers The Coalition just decided to adopt the same name when it came to Gears 5.

But besides the swap in name, Gears 5 is going to have a ton of new stuff for fans. There will be more game modes than ever before including an arcade deathmatch that pits two teams of 5 in a race to 50 kills, a map editor for players to create their own multiplayer arcade maps, and a new Horde mode that will pit players against hordes of incoming enemies.

On top of that, there’s gonna be swag.

Microsoft has just announced a new Gears 5 Halo: Reach Character Pack for those who love gears, but also love Halo. The first game to be remade in The Master Chief Collection is getting a special nod from their sister franchise in the form of player skins.

The Reach character pack will include Emile and Kat for multiplayer modes, a Halo Reach: Noble Team Jack skin, a Halo Reach: Noble Team banner, and a Halo Reach: Noble Team Blood spray and mark so you can show your love for Halo even as you’re splattering goons on Gears 5.

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To get the pack you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold account, which is sold separately. If you already purchased the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition or have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then you already get the Halo: Reach Character Pack.

Gears 5 will focus far more on Kait Diaz than previous games, but will still have the rest of the gang from Gears of War 4, including JD Fenix, Marcus Fenix, and Delmont Walker. We’re sure to learn more at this year’s Gamescom, where The Coalition will have a large presence.

Gears 5 releases on September 10th, so get ready.

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