Watch Aloy In Combat In First PS4 Gameplay Footage Of Horizon Forbidden West

Watch Aloy In Combat In First PS4 Gameplay Footage Of Horizon Forbidden West

The glorious combat footage was captured on PS4 Pro.

You Are Reading :Watch Aloy In Combat In First PS4 Gameplay Footage Of Horizon Forbidden West

Today, Guerrilla Games announced that Horizon Forbidden West has reached gold status, meaning the highly anticipated Sony exclusive is now ready to ship. At the same time Guerilla revealed this gold status, which comes nearly three weeks away from release, it also unveiled PS4 footage of Aloy in combat — all captured on the PS4 Pro. This is the first time the developer has shown off gameplay running on previous gen hardware.

The footage Guerilla’s studio director and executive producer Angie Smets provided in the latest post on PlayStation Blog are presented in GIF form, which means none of them have any sound. But that doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of Aloy’s gracious fighting skills, which looks significantly sharper since Horizon Zero Dawn.

The first combat clip shows Aloy as she takes out the Clamberjaws using every weapon and move in her arsenal, sliding on the ground as she fires her arrows at them and transforming her bow into a powerful electronic sword/bo staff when the big boys get harder to take down. The second clip shows Aloy shooting at the Bristlebacks, who were introduced in the announcement trailer in June 2020, as she slides underneath one of them and attacks another in mid-air before descending on the ground with her digital parachute. Thankfully, PlayStation Asia took care to showcase the last clip in full surround sound in the video below.

In addition to the gameplay footage, Smets also provided a clip of Aloy walking around Plainsong, home of the proud Utaru tribe. Here, she greets the people she calls her friends and allies, exploring the canopies that have been built on top of Old World radar dishes, and looks over the canyons sitting beyond the horizon.

Horizon Forbidden West has been a long time coming for PlayStation gamers. It was supposed to launch last year, about one month after Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (which is a PS5 exclusive), but it got delayed to this year — no doubt due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps the delay may have been a good thing, since it looks like Forbidden West runs as well on previous gen hardware, even if it’s a Pro, as it does on PS5, although I’m sure we can expect many upgrades to the game for the current gen console.

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