Union Attempts To Block Activision Blizzards Abuse Case Settlement

Union Attempts To Block Activision Blizzard’s Abuse Case Settlement

Many were appalled by Activision Blizzard’s move to throw money at abuse allegations, including the Communication Workers of America union.

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In an industry where abuse allegations are not rare, the investigation into Activision Blizzard still shook the gaming community, and made for heartbreaking reading. Therefore, many in the industry were similarly disgusted upon learning the gaming giant would settle one of its lawsuits with a one-off $18 million payment – less than 2 percent of its earnings in a three-month period.

Now, the Communication Workers of America union has officially filed an objection to this settlement in the hopes of preventing it from going through. The union objects on multiple grounds, including that the employees – those who were actually affected by the alleged abuse – were not consulted.

The CWA also highlights that employees were not notified the lawsuit could end suddenly and that Activision Blizzard would not be made to release documentation that could prove their allegations.

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Further concerns note the settlement would cover “defendants, as well as their parents, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, successors and assigns”. The CWA is therefore seeking clarification on whether or not the settlement would prevent further cases being brought against the company and individuals named in the initial investigation.

In essence, the purpose of this objection is to ensure that claims cannot be swept under the rug. The union raises concerns similar to those in the complaint from the California DFEH, which claimed that the settlement allows Activision Blizzard to destroy evidence that would assist with its own investigation into abuse within the company. So while this settlement would not technically end the initial investigation that kicked off the controversy back in July, it could withhold much-needed evidence that would help with its case.

Of course, this isn’t a surprising move for those who have been following these events. As soon as the allegations broke months ago, Activision Blizzard made several contradicting moves in response. While publically it attempted to appear sympathetic, in private, a senior member of staff dismissed the claims. The legal response was also to label the Californian investigation as “irresponsible behavior”, and said that it was “driving many of the State’s best businesses out of California”.

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