SpiderCop Is Real Modder Finds Unused Costume In Marvels SpiderMan For The PS4

Spider-Cop Is Real: Modder Finds Unused Costume In Marvel’s Spider-Man For The PS4

Remember, kids: don’t tell cops anything, even if they’re Spider-Man!

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The highly anticipated Spider-Cop skin in Marvel’s Spider-Man has been found in the games files.

Marvel’s Spider-Man came out in 2018, and was a hit with fans before it was even released. The open world game contained a pretty typical Spider-plot—Spider-Man has to save the city/world while Peter Parker attends to personal drama and the balancing act that comes with being a super hero—but it received massive praise for the story, combat, and web-slinging travel mechanics. The term “best super hero video game ever” has been thrown out multiple times by fans in regards to where it stands in the canon.

Part of what made the game so great was the bevvy of alternate outfits. These were full of fan service for longtime true believers, and Twitter went crazy over them. But two skins were on everyone’s mind during the height of this particular craze: the Spidey suit from the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, and Spider-Cop, an additional alter ego Parker takes on make fun of his friend in the NYPD.

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The Raimi suit was eventually released as part of a DLC package, but Spider-Cop never saw the light of day. It was just recently discovered by modder “jedijosh920” on YouTube within the games files, unused. The suit looks to be complete, but as jedijosh920 points out in the video the suit is technically unfinished. Spider-Cop isn’t animated to run, jump, or do anything with his limbs but T-Pose.

The Spider-Cop skin sports a lot of layers, like an NYPD windbreaker, fully stocked supply belt, aviator shades, a patrol hat, and even a mustache made of webbing. As part of the mod, jedijosh920 demonstrated a few things that could have been additional functions for the Spider-Cop suit, like a donut drone and calling for backup.

There is no word from the developer Insomniac Games or Sony regarding why this skin was fully formed in the game’s data but never released, and it’s unlikely that they will be addressing it at all.

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