Silver Surfer Is Coming To The Item Shop In Fortnite

Silver Surfer Is Coming To The Item Shop In Fortnite

Marvel’s Silver Surfer seems to be making his way to Fortnite’s Item Shop, according to data miners.

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Fortnite and Marvel’s crossover has the potential to be one of the larger events in the game’s history, with many new exciting features being teased. Fortnite is no stranger to attracting large properties, having partnered with big-name franchises like Star Wars and Batman in the past. If it exists, it has probably had a crossover with Fortnite.

The recent Marvel crossover in Fortnite has been teasing the arrival of one of Marvel’s most intimidating forces of destruction, Galactus. While Galactus is making his way to the Fortnite universe, there have been clues that Galactus’ heralds are making their way to scout the lands of Fortnite. If you ever wanted to be a herald of Galactus, then you are in luck.

Twitter user Skin Database showed that recent updates have been data-mined, and revealed that you will be able to purchase a Silver Surfer skin in the Fortnite Item Shop soon. The Silver Surfer skin is not just a single skin, but comes alongside an additional pack of cosmetics.

The upcoming item set comes with a Silver Surfer styled pickaxe, the Silver Surfer’s surfboard, back bling titled “Herald’s Star,” and a weapon cosmetic called “Reflector.” If you love the chrome look of the Silver Surfer, this pack is for you. Pricing information has not been released at the time of writing, though we shouldn’t have to wait too long for that information. No other skins seemed to have leaked at the moment, but there will be some big reveal in the coming days as Fortnite sets up the multi-universal cosmic war that they’ve been teasing.

Not much else is known about the new Nexus War event, but we can assume that the arrival of the Silver Surfer means calamity is about to strike the world of Fortnite. It will be interesting to see if there are any unique interactions for players that purchase the Silver Surfer skin, as in the comics the Silver Surfer is Galactus’ most famous herald, if not one of the most powerful. Here’s to hoping we can get a Galactus skin during the event.

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