Sifu Given Arkham Flair With Robert Pattinson Batman Fighting Mod

Sifu Given Arkham Flair With Robert Pattinson Batman Fighting Mod

Sifu is given The Batman-makeover in this brutally crunchy video.

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Sifu smashed its way into players’ hands only last month, which is obviously an eternity in a gamer’s life, what with release schedules being as stuffed full as they are nowadays, but Sifu inspired many conversations about its difficulty, its setting, and its movie inspirations.

Sifu is a homage to martial arts movies such as Police Story, The Raid, and Tsui Hark’s The Blade, but it seems like Slocap’s kung fu brawler is getting injected with the fighting and fashion from the comic book world, in the form of a mod that takes inspiration from the latest Batman movie.

Voyagers Revenge is a YouTube channel that specialises in producing cinematic gameplay videos, and for its latest production, it has used Sifu to create a short, crunchy, brutal Batman film. Just check out the cowl in the video. Clearly, this has been inspired by the Robert Pattinson version of the Gotham crime-fighter, in the Matt Reeves-directed The Batman.

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To achieve the effect, the YouTuber used a range of mods. These include the Batman 2022 mod, which achieves the desired look from Reeves film and Pattinson’s silhouette, and adding the Sifudoka moveset. This latter mod “emphasises kicks, flashy attacks, and move replacements that mimic or enhance your combat abilities in ways that make you a bit more versatile than the normal game”.

In Voyagers Revenge video, the caped crusader certainly looks like he’s crunching up enemies in suitably brutal style, dealing damage like the Dark Knight he is. To create the video, which also adds scenes similar to the Batman movies, such as a League of Shadows segment, the video-maker also made use of Free Camera and some moody music.

“I began turning video games into short movies around January 2019 & I haven’t stopped since”, the YouTuber says, on his About page, and he has form. He’s made a similar Sifu-based movie using John Wick as inspiration, while other video games that have been turned into cinematic videos include Elden Ring, Spider-Man, GTA 5, Assassin’s Creed, and The Last of Us 2. The filmmaker also has a Patreon page here.

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