Redditor Nails Legendary Double Bridge Jump In Skate 3

Redditor Nails Legendary Double Bridge Jump In Skate 3

With skating games getting renewed interest, a Reddit user showed off a high-flying feat in Skate 3.

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With the skating genre about to be revisited with Skater XL, people are revisiting the Skate series to hype themselves up for Skater XL’s July release. One revisiting was documented on Reddit, where one skilled Skate 3 player was able to pull off a stunning trick involving a skater, a skateboard, and two bridges.

Reddit user Starwho is apparently a very skilled Skate 3 player. As illustrated by a video in which they successfully pulled off one of the most impressive tricks ever recorded from the game, Starwho had enough prowess to soar over two bridges while on a skateboard.

The video in which they performed this incredible trick can be seen below.

As seen at the start of the video, the player gathers speed while on their skateboard, performing multiple ollies to garner points. After performing several, the player apparently skates right through a canyon as per a likely glitch and comes out the other side into a ditch.

At this point, the player’s skateboard accelerating about as quickly as a car. A ramp then appears before the player, which the player uses to leap over a connecting bridge, as well as a second wider bridge that comes after the first bridge. All along, the player performs several skateboard stunts in mid-air, including a Superdude and Kickflip.

One might expect the player to fall to their death in the ditch on the other side of the bridges. Instead, the player’s skateboard makes contact with the side of the canyon, effectively meaning they were able to skateboard on a wall. Then, the player swiftly lands their skateboard into the ditch and collects the 17,673 points they are owed.

Even for the most skilled of Skate players, this trick is one for the history books. And to perform all of these tricks and land after the double bridge jump without witnessing the perishing of a daring skater is all the more impressive.

One commenter pointed out that yesterday was the day that Skate 3 turned 10 years old, which could be why the game was featured on popular Reddit page for general gaming. Also, Skater XL has probably helped generate renewed interest in the Skate series, which has been dormant for some time.

We’ll see if anyone can top Starwho’s insane trick.

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