Pokémon Isle Of Armor The Best CramOMatic Recipes

Pokémon Isle Of Armor: The Best Cram-O-Matic Recipes

Here is a breakdown of some of the most practical recipes for trainers to rely on in their Pokémon adventures in Galar.

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Pokémon Isle Of Armor The Best CramOMatic Recipes

The Cram-O-Matic feature in Isle of Armor, Pokémon Sword and Shield’s newest DLC, is a game-changer for trainers as far as accumulating items go. Now where we once had to rely on Gameshark cheat codes to get extra rare candies, we can simply farm them if you have the right recipe. The machine has shown the capability to spit out a large variety of items, in fact, many of which are extremely valuable to trainers. This makes it quite a more useful tool than it would have been if it had been put in as simply an item gacha. Here is a breakdown of some of the most practical recipes for trainers to rely on in their Pokémon adventures in Galar. The list below includes both practical items and ones that are harder for you to find on your own in the game.

Battle Item Recipes

Pokémon Isle Of Armor The Best CramOMatic Recipes

Held items that increase the power of a Pokémon can sometimes be hard to find as duplicates, so trainers are often left to decide which party member they want to give that item to. Now you can make your own and have one for as many Pokémon as you want.

Never-Melt Ice: Aspear Berry, Brave Mint, Protein, Hasty Mint

Hard Stone: Lagging Tail, Exp. Candy L, Iron, Quiet Mint

Black Sludge: Repel, Kebia Berry, Lum Berry, Qualot Berry

Magnet: Fossilized Bird, Smooth Rock, Toxic Orb, Sachet

Spell Tag: Adrenaline Orb, Poison Barb, Utility Umbrella, Power Belt

Macho Brace: Power Anklet, Pearl String, Naughty Mint, Liechi Berry

Blunder Policy: Sharp Beak, Galarica Cuff, Silk Scarf, Power Weight

Destiny Knot: Whipped Dream, Eject Pack, Rocky Helmet, Choice Band

Light Clay: Cracked Pot, Hondew Berry, Impish Mint, Iapapa Berry

Metal Powder: Eject Pack, Lax Incense, Black Belt, Maranga Berry

Scope Lens: Rowap Berry, Ganlon Berry, Reaper Cloth, PP Up

Evolution Item Recipes

Pokémon Isle Of Armor The Best CramOMatic Recipes

These items evolve specific Pokémon into their stronger forms via trade. Some apply for one Pokémon, like the Prism Scale that evolves Feebas into Milotic, but other ones can evolve multiple species, like the King’s Rock that changes Slowpoke into Slowking and Poliwhirl into Politoed. This is perfect if you’re looking to save yours for Galarian Slowking when it arrives in The Crown Tundra release, but still want a cute frog for your adventure. Do note some of these items are an ingredient in other recipes, so even if you’re not interested in that Pokémon, its good to have it on hand for use in the machine. This list also includes some recipes for items related to evolution.

Whipped Dream: Clover Sweet, Metal Coat, Big Pearl, Power Herb

Dragon Scale: Life Orb, Shuca Berry, Charcoal, Assault Vest

Metal Coat: Eject Button, Razor Claw, Ring Target, Wise Glasses

Prism Scale: Shell Bell, Electric Seed, Big Pearl, PP Up

Cracked Pot: Spell Tag, Destiny Knot, Wishing Piece, Lax Mint

King’s Rock: Life Orb, PP Up, Leek, Armorite Orb

Sachet: Bright Powder, Toxic Orb, Damp Rock, Serious Mint

Rare Candy: Big Nugget, Three Comet Shards or Four Comet Shards or Power Anklet, Three Big Nugget

Everstone: Four Hard Stone or Lagging Tail, Flame Orb, Expert Belt, Calcium

TR Move Recipes

TR’s can be quite expensive for a move that breaks after one use. Now you can save your Watts and make your own strong moves with these formulas.

TR66 – Brave Bird: Coba Berry, Three Rare Candy

TR55 – Flare Blitz: Red Apricorn, Three Rare Candy

TR02 – Flamethrower: Four Flame Orbs

TR25 – Psyshock: Destiny Knot, Three Nugget

TR03 – Hydro Pump: One Chesto Berry, Three PP Max

TR04 – Surf: Two Chesto Berries, Two Rare Bones or One Chesto Berry, Three Stardusts or Four Water Stones

TR08 – Thunderbolt: Yellow Apricorn, Three Rare Candies

TR09 – Thunder: Pecha Berry, Three Rare Candies

TR47 – Dragon Claw: Aguav Berry, Three Iapapa Berries or Aguav Berry, Three Sitrus Berries or Four Aguav Berries

TR50 – Leaf Blade: Leftovers, Three Big Mushrooms or Leftovers, Three Iron Balls or Four Serious Mints

TR52 – Gyro Ball: Three Metal Coats, One Shed Shell or Metal Coat, Soft Sand, Light Clay, Iron Ball

TR56 – Aura Sphere: Four Kelpsy Berries or One Kelpsy Berry, Three Dynamax Candies or Protein, Wacan Berry, Moon Stone, Lonely Mint

TR59 – Seed Bomb: Four Leaf Stone or Leftovers, Three Oran Berry or Leftovers, Three Lum Berry or Leftovers, Three Max Repels

TR97 -Psychic Fangs: Rare Candy, Three Wishing Pieces

TR93 – Darkest Lariat: Four Dubious Discs

Valuable Items

These items either have monetary value, are a common ingredient in recipes, or serve a key purpose in the world of Galar, like Wishing Pieces, which are thrown into wells to attract Dynamax Pokémon. They normally cost 3000 Watts at the traders, but now you never have to buy one.

Air Balloon: Mago Berry, Power Weight, Eject Pack, Eject Button or Mago Berry, Lonely Mint, Stardust, Whipped Dream

Balm Mushroom: Four Big Mushrooms or Dragon Fang, Black Glasses, Two Nuggets or Enigma Berry, Pearl String, Twisted Spoon, Binding Band

Big Mushroom: Four Fossil Drake

Comet Shard: Four Cracked Pots or One Green Apricorn, Three Rare Candies

Gold Bottle Cap: Four Bottle Caps

Pretty Feather: Four Lum Berries or Two Lum Berries, Two Oran Berries

Smoke Ball: Oran Berry, Maranga Berry, Sweet Apple, Blunder Policy

Shell Bell: Four Fossilized Fish

Pearl String: Four Big Pearls or Two Big Pearls, Two Big Nuggets

Wishing Piece: 4 Apricot Berries, 4 Oval Stones, and many other recipes in full list

Take this list with you the next time you try out the Cram-O-Matic, or use it as inspiration to test your own combinations, you never know what might pop out! Pokémon Sword and Shield is available for the Nintendo Switch today, along with its Expansion Pass, Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra, the latter of which releases later this year.

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