OLED manufacturer mentions Nintendo Switch Pro in investor briefing

OLED manufacturer mentions Nintendo Switch Pro in investor briefing

An OLED manufacturing firm have commented on the rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro using an OLED screen.

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Just below, you can see a screenshots from Universal Display Corp’s recent Q1 investor call. CEO Steven V. Abramson notes that, due to ongoing reports that Nintendo has selected an OLED screen for use in its upcoming revision of the Nintendo Switch hardware, “the adoption of OLEDs continues to expand.”

Interesting to see Universal Display Corp mention the reports around Nintendo choosing OLED for their Switch Pro in their Q1 investors call pic.twitter.com/RUrJ0qvBiAMay 10, 2021

It’s an interesting comment from Abramson on the Nintendo Switch Pro reports that have been circling for a fair while now. Note that this absolutely isn’t a confirmation that the revised hardware from Nintendo will feature an OLED display, but rather a comment from the manufacturing firm that the adoption of OLED screens continues to expand, and might well expand to Nintendo’s new console.

Reports on the Nintendo Switch Pro model have been circling for well over a year now, and have repeatedly alleged that Nintendo is looking to support 4K gaming on the revised hardware. One report claimed that the new console would use an OLED screen in some capacity, while another report later claimed that the new hardware would use an Nvidia chip for upscaled 4K gaming.

As for the immediate future of the Nintendo Switch however, it looks like the console will be hard to find for a while yet. Last month in April, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa warned that shortages of Nintendo Switch stock at retailers around the globe would continue. Over the last year, we’ve seen the Nintendo Switch struggle to meet an increased demand around the world, chiefly in the wake of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’s absolutely stellar launch period last year in March 2020.

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This hasn’t stopped the Switch from breaking sales records, however. Just earlier this week, it emerged that the Nintendo Switch had outsold the Xbox 360, overtaking Microsoft’s incredibly successful console with a grand total of 84.59 million units sold around the world to date, enough to overtake the Xbox 360 and emerge as the eighth best-selling video game console of all time.

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