New Pokemon Snap Every Pokemon In Ruins Of Remembrance & Where To Find Them

New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Ruins Of Remembrance & Where To Find Them

There aren’t as many Pokemon in Ruins of Remembrance as there are in some of New Pokemon Snap’s other courses, but there are one or two good ones.

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New Pokemon Snap Every Pokemon In Ruins Of Remembrance & Where To Find Them

Ruins of Remembrance is the final area that players will visit in New Pokemon Snap and will become available after they have photographed their fifth Illumina Pokemon. There is only one alternate route in the Ruins course, but it’s one that players will need to unlock if they want to gain access to the game’s final Illumina Spot and complete the story. Thankfully, it’s not particularly complicated, with players only needing to light all six Crystabloom down in the ruins area to progress.

Once players have completed the game and reached research level 3, there’ll be 15 different types of Pokemon for players to find and photograph. That might not seem like too many when compared with the likes of Undersea and Snowfields (Night), but it’s worth noting that most of them can only be found here or at the final Illumina Spot. There’s also a Legendary Pokemon for players to track down as well as New Pokemon Snap’s final Eeveelution, Umbreon.

Every Pokemon In Ruins of Remembrance

Research Level 1

  • Houndoom – Houndoom shows up right at the start of the course and walks with the player to the underground section. There are more down in the ruins too, both near the entrance and where players first arrive at the bottom.
  • Eldegoss – There are some Eldegoss floating around in the course’s opening section. There are more down in the ruins near a Crystabloom too as well as one that’s hanging out by one of the six statues.
  • Salandit – Players will first see Salandit after passing through the hole in the ground that leads to the ruins. It shows up on the left hand side just before a little brick well.
  • Noivern – Noivern will come to greet players just before they enter the main cavern that houses the ruins. There are also one or two gliding around inside the cavern at higher research levels.
  • Sigilyph – There are several Sigilyph guarding the ruins. At research level 3, players can turn left immediately after exiting the room with the well and snap one sleeping near the door for an easy photo request.
  • Beheeyem – Beheeyem can be found in several places in the main area of the ruins. One of the game’s many photo requests requires players to take a picture of one that floats past a few moments after waking up the Golurk with the Natu on its shoulder.
  • Golurk – There are numerous Golurk guarding the ruins. If players can bring two of them together at research level 3, they’ll get a great photo opportunity. After this, one can be seen flying into the ruins at the start of the course.
  • Natu – There’s a Natu perched on the shoulder of the stationary Golurk that players need to move to get to the penultimate Crystabloom. At research level 3, one can be coaxed out from the exterior entrance to the ruins and a small group of them can be snapped between two of the statues down in the ruins.
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Research Level 2

  • Woobat – If players throw a Fluffruit down the stone well at research level 2 or higher, a Woobat will fly out. They can get up to five to appear this way, but eventually the Woobat will stop coming. If players release at least one of them, they’ll show up on the central pillar in the main ruins section after landing on the wall with the heart-shaped markings near the entrance.
  • Magikarp – After throwing four or five Fluffruit down the well, a Magikarp will jump out of it rather than a Woobat.
  • Chandelure – There are a couple of Chandelure floating around in the area immediately above the ruins at research level 2. At research level 3, one can be found behind the player on some steps as they make their way down into the ruins section and hitting it with an Illumina Orb will make it fly over to the very end of the course.
  • Absol – Initially, Absol only shows up near the altar at the end of the course. At research level 3, however, players will be able to coax one down into the outdoor area by using the melody player and then throwing a Fluffruit off to the left. The one down in the ruins will also show up much earlier and get a lot closer to the NEO-ONE.

Research Level 3

  • Umbreon – Immediately after players pass through the hole in the floor they will see a Noivern on their left. If they hit it with an Illumina Orb immediately after it touches the ground, it will fly off and a Salandit will appear in the little passageway. Hitting it with an Illumina Orb will cause it to run off and an Umbreon will follow. It can then be found sleeping on one of the statues near the end of the course.
  • Vivillon – As is customary in New Pokemon Snap, a few Vivillon will be fluttering around near the end of the course once players have reached research level 3.
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End Game

  • Jirachi – Jirachi shows up once players have completed the game and can be found sleeping on a stone pillar near one of the statues down in the ruins. It’s possible to wake it up using the Melody Player and Illumina Orbs and doing so will lead to it showing up again near the altar if players light all of the Crystablooms. Using the Melody player once here will cause it to start flying around the giant pillar of light and doing so again will lead to it posing for its four star photo. After it’s been added to the Photodex, it will start showing up in the outside area too, although players will need to make sure to hit it with an Illumina Orb here if they want it to appear again later on down in the ruins.

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