How To Find And Use The Gold MRVN (Marvin) Arm In Apex Legends

How To Find And Use The Gold MRVN (Marvin) Arm In Apex Legends

Here mate, give me a hand.

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How To Find And Use The Gold MRVN (Marvin) Arm In Apex Legends

The MRVNs (pronounced “Marvin”) are escaping, and they have made their way across the entirety of Olympus! Yes, Apex Legends is celebrating the brand new Fight Night event, and his MRVN pals have left the lab and are instead wandering across the whole of the map. You may have already met one or two, and perhaps even received some loot from them, since they are ever-so generous, but did you know that you can get even more loot by, perhaps, killing one?

Yes that’s right, in this guide we’re going to advocate for MRVN brutality, so if you’re sensitive to robots getting slapped and can’t bare to click Shut Down on your laptop, then look away now, because we’re going to break down how to get the best loot from MRVN, and what exactly you can do with the gold MRVN Arm in Apex Legends.

What Is MRVN Doing In Apex Legends?

He’s just hanging out, doing his thing, you know, no big deal. But seriously, MRVN has left the lab on Olympus and is now hanging out, mostly in random buildings. If you manage to find and meet MRVN you can activate him, and the screen on his chest will start spinning through icons like a slot machine. If the icon he lands on is a happy one, he’ll drop you a few pieces of fairly rare loot – usually weapon attachments and the like, which are, admittedly, not so tempting when there are multiple levels of fully-kitted weapon available in this game mode.

How To Find And Use The Gold MRVN (Marvin) Arm In Apex Legends

How To Get The Gold MRVN Arm In Apex Legends

Right, so you have met up with MRVN, asked him for some loot, and you have received something you’re a bit disappointed with. It’s only natural. So, it’s time to beat him until he gives you something better.

This might sound a bit silly (it absolutely is a bit silly) but beating MRVN to death will give you a much better chance of getting better loot on the next MRVN. A dead MRVN will drop the MRVN Arm, which is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a MRVN Arm. This gold-tier item will sit in your backpack doing nothing, unless you can find another MRVN. Have you noticed they all only have one arm to start with? You know where this is going.

How To Use The Gold MRVN Arm In Apex Legends

Yes, if you have a MRVN Arm in your backpack and find another MRVN on Olympus, you can gift the extra arm to the MRVN, and it will be so happy to finally have two hands that it will drop a bunch of guaranteed gold-tier loot, including helmets, Turbocharger hop-ups, and more.

Again, the hunt for loot isn’t quite so important when there are multiple fully-kitted weapons available during the Fight Night event, but if you keep meeting MRVNs and a Turbocharger is all you need to take your Devotion to the next level, the choice is obvious.

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