Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Get Hyped: 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Dragon Ball FighterZ is around the corner — these are the rumors coming down the pipe! This epic fighter sounds jaw-dropping.

You Are Reading :Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Wow! The fact that we are still talking about an anime that came on the scene in Japan over 20 years ago is a testament to the staying power of Dragon Ball Z. The franchise has evolved into mediums that have kept it in the public eye. From remastering the old school shows to episodes fit for modern 4K televisions to expanding the overall universe to Super’s story, this franchise seems like it will never die.

One of the hottest stories at E3 was the newest addition to the anime’s gaming library: Dragon Ball FighterZ. This game got everyone hyped and excited about what the franchise had to offer. Xenoverse was alright, but FighterZ is promising to take the gaming side of DBZ back to its exciting roots. Gamers who have participated in early playthroughs of the game have been impressed with its blend of authentic anime animation and fresh storyline.

Marvel fans have gotten the opportunity to go head-to-head with well-made games for years, and now it is time for anime fans to have their turn. However, there are still some questions as to what this game is going to be about. There is a new story involving Androids that will likely culminate into an all-out war, but who are the playable characters in this thing? Will there be any changes from the demo to the final game? Also, will gamers have to purchase passes for extra content? Check out the below rumors about FighterZ so you can prepare for the newest premier anime fighting experience.

20 It Could Be Coming To The Switch

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

There was talk that because the game would take a lot of power to run, which the Nintendo Switch could not handle it. Producer Tomoko Hiroki denied that this was the case and said the game’s ability had nothing to do with it being included or not included on the Switch. In fact, Hiroki has stated that if enough fans demand it, the game could be coming to the Switch. Unfortunately, Nintendo always seems to be the odd man out when it comes to cool new releases. The game is set to be released on the PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Steam. It is comforting for many fans to know that while they bought the Switch for Mario Kart, they can still fight the forces of evil as Goku.

19 What Timeline Is This Game In?

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Other than One Piece, DBZ is the King of different timelines, universes, alternate realities, so on and so forth. However, knowing the timeline these characters will be a part of can yield some clues about what else is going to go on in this game. More importantly, it could reveal who else will be included in the final playable roster. Some eagle-eyed fans have come together to do some investigating of their own, and they may have the answer. The look of Goku and Vegeta’s armor in various playthrough screenshots lends most to believe that this occurs right after the Universe 6 saga. Naturally, this would also place these events after the main DBZ story has ended. Evidently, there is never any shortage of material for these guys to work with.

18 Even This Game Isn’t Safe From Leaks

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Hey, if Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are not safe from leaks, then why should anyone else think they would be either. During a Gamestop Expo that was said to show gameplay from FighterZ, an employee saw and leaked that the game will launch with 27 playable characters. Four of those will be unlockable as players progress through the story. Again, this is a rumor so fans should tread lightly on this information, but on the other hand, it is pretty awesome to think that almost thirty characters will be playable for fans. However, what does make this news hard to take is the fact that a lot of studios are now making fans pay for extra DLC content including playable characters. So, this number is probably a lot lower.

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17 The Saiyan Season Pass…

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Okay, has there ever been a cooler name for a gaming pass? Just seeing the word “Saiyan” conjured images of vein-busting transformations, complete with some hair bleaching action. Hopefully, the pass is just as amazing, but considering the fact that money is involved, it probably won’t be. The same guy that spoke of the 27 character roster also said there could be a possibility for a Super Saiyan Season Pass that gamers could grab for FighterZ that would include 2 DLC characters. Since the same person also mentioned that there would be four unlockable characters, it is possible the other two are associated with another pass? Also, who are the four characters? Did they pull a Star Wars Battlefront II and make it the two most popular characters in the franchise? Hope not!

16 Multiple Versions Of Characters?

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

This is why it always pays to comb through trailers. You never know what you will find that could reveal clues about what a game will include. Also, it’s always cool to brag on Reddit that you were the first person to see “X” and that everyone’s theory about “Y” is now false. An eagle-eyed fan caught a potentially important detail in the Japanese trailer of FighterZ. There is a potentially playable “young” version of Gohan and an “innocent” version of Majin Buu. This now opens the floodgates. It is possible there are multiple versions of other characters too that are also playable? Can Kid Goku be summoned? What about Adult and Kid Trunks? This game is starting to shape up to reveal that there is a lot of fun to be had.

15 What’s With All These Passes?

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Alright, so this is where that uncomfortable realization comes in that it is not just about the love of the franchise and the excitement of a new game comes in. Bandai is not dumb; they know they have a hit on their hands and a franchise that keeps on delivering in popularity. Therefore, they are going to milk it for all its worth. So, we finally have a pass that is likely to be concrete. Upon release of the game, Bandai is allowing gamers the opportunity to purchase a FighterZ pass that provides eight new playable characters, lobby avatars, and alternative colors for characters. This extra content is priced at $34.99. Considering the fact that they are already talking about extra DLC material, this will likely not be the last “pass.”

14 English Or Japanese?

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Remember how this worked with the anime back in the day? The Japanese version would hit first, and you would have to rely on awful subtitles to let you know what was going on. Then after an eternity, the English dub would be released. Well, the developers want to make sure that does not happen for the fans, and that those who want the authentic Japanese dub/English sub experience receive that. This game will probably have the option for gamers to select an English or Japanese dub regardless of where they are. Want to hear that screechy Japanese version of Goku’s voice or the sadistic English evilness of Vegeta? The developers are giving you some options for how you want to experience the game.

13 More Gokus Than Fans Can Handle

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Alright, so we know the FighterZ pass is coming. Does anyone care about Lobby avatars or alternative colored uniforms for characters? Probably not! The issue we really want to know more about is who those eight extra players are. There has been some speculation about which players will show up on the FighterZ pass. Some Redditors have spread rumors that multiple versions of Goku could be included. Hmmm, there could be mixed emotions about this if this is true. Is that too much of a good thing, or do people want to go in on someone with a Super Saiyan 3 version of Goku? It might be cool, or it might not, but for players to be asked to pay almost $40 for eight extra players, it has to be worth their while.

12 Could Gotenks Make An Appearance?

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

The “Hero of Justice” himself is set to make an appearance in FighterZ. The weird and compelling fusion of Trunks and Goten will probably be a playable character. What is odd is that Goten and Kid Trunks are not yet confirmed to be in the game, so is it possible they could be in the game, and a secret weapon of both could be the fusion technique? There are so many questions that this addition brings to the forefront. Is he a FighterZ pass character or will he be added to extra DLC content that adds to the story instead of just providing additional characters? Bandai knows exactly what they are doing to drum up interest for this game. The mysterious nature of this will sell some games.

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11 Weaker Characters Might Be Support

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

There was an off-hand comment made by a developer at E3 that weaker characters could end up being turned into supporting characters instead of main playable ones. This has concerned some fans who want to see their favorite characters as playable options in the game. A developer on the game tried to quell the worries of fans by saying that the game was not designed for some characters to be support. Characters that are weaker in the game may have assist techniques that will compliment moves from stronger main characters. Also, stronger characters are created to have longer cooldowns, so characters who are known as weaker will be needed in the game. It will be interesting to see how the developers balance this out to please as many people as possible.

10 The Introduction Of A New Character

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Here is another bit of news gamers can get excited about. Developers and series writers have partnered together to pull out all the stops for this game. Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama, developed a new character that will be pivotal to the Android army plot. Android 21, a female android scientist will play a key role in Android 16’s resurrection in the game. Details about her specific activities in the game are few and far between, but there are tons of photos showing her interaction with Android 16. Some seem to reveal that she does have some not-so-innocent intentions up her sleeve. Hey, it’s got to mean something if the original creator from the series is stepping in to develop a whole new character.

9 Best Dragon Ball Z Game Ever?

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Many game critics who have already played the game are saying that this title is may be the most “true to the anime” DBZ title ever. They are happy with the gaming mechanics, pacing, and the storyline. Those that have played the game also feel good about the character roster. Android 17 and 18, two of the coolest characters from DBZ’s past are now playable characters on the list. It is also a game where the developers seem to care about the story and how the anime is coming across to fans of the franchise. This is no small feat for Arc System Works. The last game in the series was not very well-received by critics and gamers, so this is a significant next step to see if DBZ should be in the video game arena.

8 Three Story Arcs

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

What is your fancy in the DBZ universe? Are you down for the Saiyan warriors, and feel that you have to fight alongside the legendary Goku? Potentially, do you ride for the villains? They do bring the personality to the series, and without them, battles would be pretty dull. Do you like to toe the line between the two and instead root for the Androids? We love options, and Arc System Works is giving players the opportunity to choose the type of experience they want to have in the game. In FighterZ, there are said to be three story arcs, Super Warrior, Super Villain, and Android. As we get closer to the release of this game, there are so many things to get excited about.

7 The Plot May Carry On

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

We know for sure that this story will be an engaging one that the original creator of Dragon Ball has had a hand in. It will involve some beloved characters and a playable roster that is out of this world. There has been a recent trend of film and show franchises allowing video games to run stories that are treated as canon. One current game that has done this is Star Wars: Battlefront II, the story from this game will be treated as canon in the universe and will like to be expanded upon in the future. Since Bandai also expanded DBZ Xenoverse after the game, there is speculation that the same thing will happen with FighterZ. Also, could we see some Super characters and plots enter the game?

6 It’s The Android’s Time To Shine

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

The story in this game is rumored to be a good one. It is not just going to be a forced story that conveniently pits player against player. Developers of the game look as if they sincerely put a creative spin on the storyline. The story goes that Android 16 will mysteriously be revived and will play a significant role in how the plot further develops. It has also been said that there will be a “Super Android Army” controlled by a scientist with not the best intentions. Also, Android 17 and 18 are also rumored to make an appearance in the game. Wow! Two of the most iconic characters in the series are slated to visit. The only other question that matters is if they are playable.

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5 Did You Like Marvel vs. Capcom? Then You Will Like This!

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Marvel vs. Capcom is a beast. It is a fun game that allows comic fanboys the chance to geek out while destroying the competition. Well, it looks like anime has caught onto the trend. Rumor has it that DBZ Fighterz will use a lot of the control schemes and team mechanics from the Marvel vs. Capcom games. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? The anime community is vast and historically has a lot of overlap with comic books. It would be natural that video games would also start to follow this trend. Seriously, who is not hyped for this game? A Marvel vs. Capcom level anime game with out of this world graphics? Get ready to clear your calendar in February 2018.

4 Does Bandai Have An Eye On eSports?

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Developers are not just adding in elements from Marvel vs. Capcom because they look nice. They have their eye on another significant trend that can rake in cash. It is no secret that eSports have taken the world by storm and that there some discussion that it could eventually become a real sport in major events like the Olympics in the next decade.There is a rumor that Bandai is sampling some of Marvel vs. Capcom’s mechanics to venture into the successful tournament and eSports arenas. There is so much money and advertising to be had in tournaments. It’s insane to think we have come to the point where video games have become synonymous with sports, but with “activities” like curling included in the Olympics, it would not necessarily be a far stretch.

3 An Easy-To-Pick-Up Game

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

If you have seen any of the gameplay trailers and insanely active fight scenes it may look as if a lot is going on at one time which could make the game complex. Those who have had a chance to get their hands on the Beta have put those fears at ease. They responded that the button combos in the game are simple and are easy to get started in the Beta. It is not set in stone that this will apply to the final game, but there is a good chance this could be used to attract more fans. Like many current games, developers are trying to balance the attraction of hardcore and casual gamers. Will the ease of fighting turn some hardcore gamers off? That remains to be seen.

2 It Guiltily Borrows From Another Game

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Along with Marvel vs. Capcom, Dragon Ball FighterZ is said to borrow heavily from Guilty Gear. Arc System Works is developing this game, and they also had a hand in creating the game, Guilty Gear. That game is known for having authentic anime animation. Much like FighterZ, Guilty Gear also has quite a few iterations of their games, so Arc System Works has plenty of experience doing this before and will bring a few of those elements into FighterZ. Hmmm, will we eventually get a Guilty Gear and DBZ crossover game? This would seem like a plausible next step for hardcore anime fans. Even better, could we see the crossover of all crossovers with DBZ characters taking on Marvel characters? Honestly, that would be the game of the year.

1 Will Everything Change?

Get Hyped 20 Dragon Ball FighterZ Rumors That Will Blow You Away

In Summer 2017, the FighterZ developers held a tournament with the Beta to allow players to give feedback about the game. Issues that were touched on were the homing system, and there is a significant chance a lot of the characters talked about could be changed around since the game was in 20 percent development. There are rumors the homing, spacing, and movement will all change. That is the risk of playing the Beta and making speculations because of it. There is no guarantee that the game will work the same way the Beta did. So, as much as we think we do no, we don’t know anything so far. Like everyone else, we will have to wait and see what FighterZ is all about in February of next year.

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