Fortnite What Are Hype Points

Fortnite: What Are Hype Points?

As Fortnite’s Hype Nites get set to return, time for those unfamiliar with the competitive mode to bone up on how they work.

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Fortnite What Are Hype Points

Fortnite’s Hype Nites are set to return later this month, so what are they exactly, how can players take part, and what are Hype points?

One of the reasons why Fortnite has managed to remain so popular for the first three years of its existence is due to the fact it continues to evolve. Had it remained a one-dimensional battle royale game in which players land, fight, die, and start again repeatedly, chances are it wouldn’t be around today. Well, at least not as we know it.

Instead, Epic has continued to push the envelope. To change the very definition of what a BR game is. Yes, the boilerplate BR style laid out above still exists in-game and will be Fortnite’s most popular mode forevermore, but players have other options. Team Rumble, LTMs that include everything from killing Thanos to assuming the identity of John Wick, and most important of all to Fortnite’s existence, competitive play.

Speaking of which, Fortnite’s Hype Nites will return later this month. Three-hour windows once a week during which players compete for Hype or Hype points. Players can compete in up to ten matches during the three-hour window and will have to earn as much Hype as the possibly can over those ten matches.

Hype can be earned in two different ways. Through eliminations and finishing position. Each elimination will earn a player one Hype point, which is nice, but surviving is where the big money’s at. Finishing anywhere in the top 75 will earn a player hype. However, the Hype increases the longer you last. A spot in the top 25 is worth 5 points, 8 points for a top ten finish, and a cool 14 Hype points should a player earn a Victory Royale during a Hype Nite match.

Hype Nite contenders are split into three different leagues, and each of those leagues is split into three divisions. This is to ensure that, for the most part, players are competing against others with a similar skill level. Those with the least Hype compete in the Open League, and can move on up to the Contender League and Champion League should they accrue enough Hype. Hype Nites will take place every Sunday during Season 3 from July 19 to August 16.

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