FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Is Selling Anime Cosmetics

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Is Selling Anime Cosmetics

Ronaldo-chan will look great in that kit though.

You Are Reading :FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Is Selling Anime Cosmetics

Another year, another FIFA. Not much has changed in FIFA 22, the game’s new Hypermotion technology sounded interesting, but is only noticeable when you’re actually looking for it. However, there is one thing that caught us by surprise, a new cosmetic bundle in the Ultimate Team mode. FUT allows you to purchase cosmetics like jerseys, tifos, and banners to customise your team, stadium, and atmosphere. Among these cosmetics is the anime themed Mirai’s Mecha Soul bundle.

As spotted by Eurogamer, this bundle comprises anime themed cosmetics based on an in-universe anime character called Mirai. “Mirai, a rookie pilot-engineer and her ancient mecha, Kako, faced the first Level XI Kaiju in history,” reads the description of the bundle. “When Mirai bravely defied the Kaiju, Kako became powered by the strength of her soul. Celebrate the legend of Mirai’s Mecha Soul with exclusive customisation items in-store now for a limited time.”

The bundle includes a giant Mirai-Chan pitch trophy which will definitely distract the corner-kick taker while he’s trying to whip one into the box. There’s also a Mecha Core VIP area for those loyal season ticket holders. While this cosmetic bundle seems like a fun addition, it is actually a bit expensive. The Mirai’s Mecha Soul bundle, which includes two banners, two tifos, a crest, a stadium theme, home and away kits, a pitch trophy, and the VIP area, will set you back by 135,000 FUT Coins or 1500 FIFA Points; that’s roughly $16. That seems like a steep price to pay for a kawaii makeover.

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The overall reaction to this bundle on the FIFA subreddit is pretty negative. Fans haven’t just voiced their disdain for the theme’s design, but also its hefty price tag.

Elsewhere in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, EA has revealed their Ones To Watch. In order to qualify as a ‘one to watch’, a player has to have recently transferred to a new team. Considering what a rollercoaster of a transfer period we’ve had, the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Romelu Lukaku have made the list. What’s more, a pre-order of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition would have got you one of these players for free.

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