Cute Anime CrossDressing Game Gets First Gameplay

Cute Anime Cross-Dressing Game Gets First Gameplay

30 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming cross-dressing game Bokuhime Project have been released.

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Nippon Ichi Software has released nearly thirty minutes of gameplay from their upcoming adventure title, Bokuhime Project.

Bokuhime Project tells the story of a young boy named Minato who ends up enrolling in a school where 99% of the student body is female. In a plot reminiscent of beloved cross-dressing comedy anime and manga series Ouran High School Host Club, Minato finds himself cross-dressing as a woman to stay in the school.

And before anyone jumps to the NSFW ideas that our hero has impure thoughts, the game’s description clarifies that Minato’s reasons for attending and cross-dressing are because his sister, who used to attend the school, has recently fallen into a coma. Minato hopes, as a student, he might be able to uncover some clues as to how and why that’s happened. Nippon Ichi Software, the developing company working on the game, describes Bokuhime Project as “a cross-dressing game for all ages,” so even younger viewers can enjoy the game’s age-appropriate humor.

Despite the serious premise, Minato’s cross-dressing will lead him to some pretty humorous adventures as he tries to blend and fit in as a female student. He’ll have to deal with the aptly named “princesses,” also known as the school divas, and compete with their looks and cuteness. According to an article on Twinfinite, he’ll also have to figure out how to participate in other school and extracurricular activities, such as swimming lessons, tea ceremonies, skinship, cosplay, and more.

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As he grows accustomed to his new feminine appearance and persona, Minato will have to commit to all things girly and learn to move past the awkwardness and embarrassment of his lies, in order to stay in the school.

The recently released footage, released on Nippon Ichi’s official YouTube channel, displays the game’s visual novel gameplay aspects, featuring some key artwork, dialogue, and other gameplay functions.

Bokuhime Project will be released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on April 23, 2020. At this time, NIS America, the company responsible for localizing and bringing many of Nippon Ichi’s Japanese games to the West, has not yet announced a Western release date, nor confirmed an official release.

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