Atlus Details Persona 5 Scrambles Streaming Restrictions

Atlus Details Persona 5 Scramble’s Streaming Restrictions

Atlus has detailed the streaming restrictions that will be in place for Persona 5 Scramble.

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Atlus Details Persona 5 Scrambles Streaming Restrictions

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As many will remember from a few years back, publisher Atlus went very hard on people streaming Japanese copies of Persona 5. Citing a desire to crack down on spoilers, the publisher basically restricted every facet of the game from being showcased online. It went so hard that it threatened to content ID claim and copyright strike any channels that went past a certain point in the story. It was a pretty big deal at the time.

Since then, the company has relaxed a bit and even made it a priority to detail what content will be streamable for its new releases. With Persona 5 Scramble set to release in just a few days in Japan, it should come as no surprise that we have a better idea of what will be limited this time around. Thankfully, this one isn’t so bad.

While endgame content is still restricted, players will be able to stream the majority of Scramble from their systems. That last part is key as Atlus is not allowing screenshots or video captured with external capture cards. Any content made for Scramble needs to come from the PS4 or Switch’s internal capture methods.

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For screenshots and videos, Atlus is only allowing players to upload them to channels supported by each console. PS4 players will have access to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube whereas Switch players will be limited to Twitter. With that said, Atlus wants players to clearly state if any screens or videos contain story spoilers so that players that wish to remain in the dark can avoid them.

Finally, Atlus listed a few extra guidelines for anyone wishing to share content.

  • Please do not use the gameplay footage for any other purposes other than showing gameplay.
  • Please do not only upload the BGM/music data, or use gameplay footage for the main purpose of listening to the music.
  • Uploading gameplay to sites that require subscription services or payment to browse will be counted as using gameplay for monetary purposes. (Excluding NicoNico Premium)
  • Do not use the gameplay footage to slander other people.
  • No matter the reason, if Atlus requests you to remove the video, please remove the video. Videos that Atlus deem are unacceptable will be deleted or taken off from viewing. Furthermore, queries into this matter may or may not be answered by Atlus, so please understand.
  • If the streaming or uploading of gameplay leads to monetary loss, Atlus does not hold any responsibility, nor will they pay any monetary compensation.

Maybe this isn’t the best-case scenario, but at least fans will be able to share some moments from Scramble ahead of its western release. We still aren’t sure on when the game is coming to the states, so this may be the best we get for a while.

Source: Persona Channel, Siliconera

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