Atelier Sophie 2 How To Obtain A Fishing Rod

Atelier Sophie 2: How To Obtain A Fishing Rod

In Atelier Sophie 2, fishing is the duty of every excellent alchemist. But first, we must find a rod.

You Are Reading :Atelier Sophie 2 How To Obtain A Fishing Rod

Atelier Sophie 2 How To Obtain A Fishing Rod

It’s that old familiar feeling. After a hard day’s work spent crafting cool stuff, chatting up charming villagers, and occasionally risking life and limb in dangerous fights against bloodthirsty monsters, there’s nothing left to do but kick back and relax by a pond. Bust out a fishing rod, wait for the water wiggles, and reel in a big one.

To label fishing “an RPG tradition” would practically be an understatement at this point — the pastime is ever-present in the genre, and Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Dream isn’t skipping the beat. But the loveliest thing about the Atelier series, at least for a great many fans, is how relatively laid back it all is even despite those aforementioned monsters. To wit, fishing feels right at home.

Let’s get Sophie started with her very own rod, so you can enjoy all those peaceful moments in one of the chillest adventures around.

Crafting a Fishing Rod

Atelier Sophie 2 How To Obtain A Fishing Rod

Atelier vets won’t be a tick surprised by the fact that the fishing rod must be crafted rather than purchased or found. Sophie’s no slouch at this point in her quest, so she’ll dazzle you with a perfect make and model fairly soon into the adventure.

The recipe for crafting a fishing rod will be added to Sophie’s repertoire automatically barely a handful of hours after her arrival in Erde Wiege. Simultaneously, you’ll receive Tasty Bait, one of the three ingredients necessary to forge ahead with your fishing prep.

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And what else is necessary to design this most darling contraption? Not much! Just one Lumber and two Threads will do the trick.

Fishing Hole Locations

Great news, fish fans — you can find fishing holes all over the world of Atelier Sophie 2. In fact, they’re such common sights that learning the location of each one would be an exercise in tedium for even the most stalwart of readers here. In plenty of maps, you can barely turn a corner without finding a tucked-away little getaway.

There is one asterisk attached to all of this. Certain fishing holes will require the acquisition of Dreamscape Stones in order to properly unlock. Thankfully, they’re more common than their rather enchanted name might lead to you believe. And, without spoiling any of the specifics, you can rest assured that you’ll gain access to Dreamscape Stones not too long after crafting your fine-and-dandy fishing rod.

Bear in mind, by the way, that you’ll hit a stone wall in the main story at a certain point if you’ve not yet made your rod. Again, we’ll refrain from going into details, but you’ll surely recognize the moment. Fret not; nothing’s stopping you from finally construct one. There’s nothing to be gained from waiting, but nor is there any real sense of loss from setting aside if some of Atelier Sophie 2’s myriad of other fun activities have been calling your name instead.

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