Animal Crossing New Horizons Redditor Discovers Weird Glitch With Evicted Villagers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Redditor Discovers Weird Glitch With Evicted Villagers

Be careful how you evict villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – it could result in immovable bugged plots of land on your island!

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Though Animal Crossing: New Horizons has already accumulated a handful of positive reviews from satisfied players in its one week on the market, eagle-eyed players have found a major glitch that could potentially cause some problems for your relaxing island getaway. One Redditor has discovered that evicting villagers can cause bugged plots on your island that are impossible to remove.

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Twitter user @NintendoFanGirl brought attention to the glitch, linking a post from Redditor u/paragaderenegon. At this time, the glitch has not been patched yet.

According to u/paragaderenegon original Reddit post, if a player adopts a villager that was forced out by another player through the campgrounds (either through amiibo or a normal, random camper) the plot that the villager would have occupied might become bugged. It will look like a construction site for a new home, but upon closer inspection, the sign will read “This spot reserved for [blank]’s new home. -Nook Inc.” If this happens, players are no longer able to place any new plots and the “incoming” villager will not move to their island.

The Reddit post clarifies that villagers who choose to move on their own accord (e.g. if they come up to the player and tell them themselves) are safe to adopt, even if they originally came through amiibo. The glitch is only determined by the methods of them leaving.

Additionally, if anyone is worried about using their amiibos and accidentally triggering this glitch, the post also explains that villagers obtained through amiibo from one’s campsite straight to a player’s own plots are safe (for the owner of the amiibo). Adopting – aka, sending that villager to another player who does not own that amiibo – is what can cause the glitch.

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There is, apparently, a possible way to remove the bugged plot of land, but there is no guarantee for success, as a number of commenters in the thread have mentioned their unreliable experiences with the “fix.”

u/paragaderenegon encourages people in their original post to contact Nintendo directly about the glitch, explaining that if more people complain, the more likely the bug will get resolved in a timely manner.

For the time being, however, be careful about how you adopt new villagers for your island!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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