Among Us What is Marinating

Among Us: What is Marinating?

Players who were intrigued by the use of the marinating technique in AOC’s Among Us stream can learn another trick up their sleeves as imposters.

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Among Us What is Marinating

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For such a seemingly simple game, Among Us has some surprisingly crafty tactics that crewmates and imposters can try out to try and win the game. Of course, since being the imposter requires social manipulation and lying about one’s whereabouts and activities, some of the most difficult to pull off tactics belong to this character type. One such technique popularized in AOC’s popular Among Us Twitch stream is called marinating.

Yesterday, US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez racked up some high viewer numbers in an Among Us stream that saw the use of this technique. Although marinating has been an imposter tactic for a while, popular streamer Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang mentioned the word during the stream, which led to some people less familiar with the game trying to figure out what this word means. For people who want to try out this tactic in their own games or streams, here’s how to marinate.

One of the most common defenses of accused players in Among Us is some variation of “[Their Among Us color] was with me alone in this room, and they had a pretty good opportunity to kill me but didn’t. I don’t think they could be the imposter.” Although this could be a tactic utilized in two-imposter games where one imposter defends another, this phrase is often heard from regular crewmates, and oftentimes the person they are defending is perfectly innocent.

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However, sometimes the player being defended is in fact an imposter. Sometimes an imposter finds themselves in a room with a crewmate and a cooled-down kill timer. It may not always be wise to kill the crewmate, especially if the imposter knows there are other crewmates heading toward the room, there are no nearby vents to make an escape, or they know a crewmate is currently keeping tabs on people’s whereabouts via the cameras or log. Sometimes, though, none of these situations apply and an imposter in Among Us could very easily kill this crewmate and gain their trust.

In this case, choosing to “marinate” this crewmate could be a viable option, as Disguised Toast did in AOC’s stream. It’s best if the imposter picks one crewmate to do this with, because foregoing every viable kill makes it easier for the crew to win the game via task completion. Choosing the marination target is also essential, and the imposter could be benefitted from gaining the trust of a more outspoken crewmate or one other players trust.

For example, if this crewmate has a history in the game of being surrounded by other players or solving crises while murders are committed, other crewmates are more likely to trust them and therefore more likely to trust the imposter they vouched for. And of course, Among Us ghosts can’t tell who killed them, so an imposter could win this way. Of course, some imposters will want to kill all or most of the crew as the task bar fills up, so it’s advisable to keep the marinated crewmate alive until the very end, like when the imposter is one kill away from victory.

Among Us is out now on PC and mobile devices.

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