A CoOp Skyrim Board Game Is Being Crowdfunded

A Co-Op Skyrim Board Game Is Being Crowdfunded

Modiphius Games has announced a tabletop RPG based on Skyrim. It will be crowdfunded via Gamefound.

You Are Reading :A CoOp Skyrim Board Game Is Being Crowdfunded

Board game and video game lovers can rejoice thanks to a new crowdfunded Skyrim project. Much like what was done with Stardew Valley, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will be given a tabletop spin-off, thanks to the publisher Modiphius Games, which is also responsible for the Fallout and other Elder Scrolls miniature tabletop games.

The Skyrim project will launch on the new crowdfunding platform, Gamefound, in June. Bethesda and Modiphius have opted for Gamefound instead of Kickstarter as the new platform is specifically designed to help fund tabletop games. This will also mark the first time Modiphius has used Gamefound .

2020 saw a huge swell of monetary support for tabletop game projects, which according to Polygon, increased by 32%. It’s also apparently a third of Kickstarter’s total annual revenue. This is clearly a booming industry, no doubt fueled by the tabletop and RPG community.

The first project hosted on the Gamefound last year was for ISS Vanguard, which managed to raise almost $5 million. It was created by Marcin Świerkot, founder and CEO of Awaken Realms. Their fees also matches that of Kickstarter’s, with 5% going to Gamefound and 3% of total funds to the payment gateway.

Supporters of these types of crowdfunding projects are more inclined to invest if they can get extras without leaving the platform. Because Gamefound is a unique type of platform, it makes running a campaign smooth and simple while providing support for customers even after it ends.

Świerkot also emphasized the importance of community. For example the comments section, and the fact that the company will be transparent about whether a project is funded by developers or publishers.

Fans who are interested in learning more about the Skyrim boardgame project can head to Gamefound’s website and sign up to receive information. No specific details have been announced besides the fact that it will have the look and feel of the game. If physical board games aren’t your thing, you can check out a digital one launching next month. This new platform definitely a boon to tabletop RPG creators.

Link Source : https://www.thegamer.com/co-op-skyrim-board-game-crowdfunded/

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