9 Most Adorable Robots in Gaming

9 Most Adorable Robots in Gaming

These robots will make your heart melt.

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9 Most Adorable Robots in Gaming

In the wise words of a certain inventor, robots are cute. Yes, those are the words, and they are absolutely true. All robots, whether they be big or small, sleek or boxy, useful or… less useful, have the capacity to be downright adorable.

For some robots, their cuteness factor is in their appearances, for others, in their behavior, but for whatever reason, you just want to scoop them up and give them a big hug. Or, in some cases, have them scoop you up and give you a big hug. Either or. Here are ten robots that, whether due to their faces or mannerisms, are just downright adorable.

9 Eddie – Mega Man Series

9 Most Adorable Robots in Gaming

Eddie was originally designed to be a sort of walking suitcase for Dr. Light. The guy is a world-famous scientist and engineer, after all, so it would definitely be a handy gizmo to have lying around. When the incident with Dr. Cossack happened, though, he had to be modified to bring helpful stuff to Mega Man in the field.

Eddie doesn’t have any combat capabilities, but even so, he’s always there at a moment’s notice to drop off something helpful without any complaints. It also helps that he’s just a little stubby guy with a cute face and little legs. That’s textbook cute.

8 Dog – Half-Life 2

9 Most Adorable Robots in Gaming

With the world under the thumb of the Combine, Eli Vance needed someone to keep his daughter Alyx safe while he worked with the Resistance movement. This is why he constructed Dog, a robot that was, at least originally, very simple and compact, to act as a loyal companion and protector to Alyx.

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Of course Alyx, being a tinkerer herself, spent much of her leisure time modifying and adding to Dog’s frame, leading to the hulking machine we know and love. While his stature is intimidating, Dog is still friendly, loyal, and above all else, a very good boy.

7 R.O.B. – Nintendo

9 Most Adorable Robots in Gaming

The Robotic Operating Buddy, or “R.O.B.” as it was named in the United States, was a real-life peripheral for the Nintendo Entertainment System that could play games with you by monitoring light signals on your TV screen.

Unfortunately, R.O.B. didn’t sell very well, so his design went dormant for many years, but after a cameo in Mario Kart DS, Nintendo began utilizing him as a sort of second mascot, which is where he finally found his groove. While his peripheral didn’t sell very well, R.O.B.’s big, buggy eyes and arm-pumping enthusiasm in his cameo roles really make you want to root for him.

6 YoRHa Pods – NieR:Automata

9 Most Adorable Robots in Gaming

All YoRHa androids are accompanied by a floating Pod. Each one is designed to provide backup and utilities, from services ranging from long-ranged weaponry to remote communication. However, the Pods also have their own personalities, and while they may not show it, many of them care deeply for their partners.

2B will sometimes pet her Pod if you leave her idle in NieR:Automata, and you can place several amusing hats and masks on it. It may just be a floating rectangle with little grabby arms, but it’s a floating rectangle with little grabby arms that cares about you.

5 Barq – ARMS

9 Most Adorable Robots in Gaming

Byte and Barq work as patrol robots on Buster Beach, with the former being a standard-model police robot and the latter being a device primarily trained to find lost items in the sand. Whether Byte’s ARMS are a result of deliberate design or a manifestation of the mysterious ARMS phenomenon isn’t known, but whatever the case, he wouldn’t compete in the ARMS league without his trusty K9 buddy.

They managed to skirt the rules prohibiting pairs by having Barq sit on Byte’s head, and when the secret got out, they were already too popular to ban. Aside from the cuteness that comes with being a dog robot rolling around on one wheel, Barq is fiercely loyal to Byte, rushing to his side whenever he’s injured, making him a certified good boy.

4 Chibi-Robo – Chibi-Robo Series

9 Most Adorable Robots in Gaming

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Chibi-Robos are a line of mass-produced, hand-sized robots created by Citrusoft Robotics with one primary directive: make people happy. While a bit of a vague notion to assign to a robot, the Chibi-Robos have the free-thinking capacity to seek out open-ended interpretations of that order.

Case in point, the Chibi-Robo purchased by the Sandersons made it its mission to mend their strained family life, ultimately preventing Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson from divorcing. Chibi-Robos don’t really get anything out of helping you beyond a roof over their heads and electricity to power you. They just genuinely want to make your life a little better however they can.

3 Robo – Chrono Trigger

9 Most Adorable Robots in Gaming

The R-Series was a line of robots created to assist humans in the distant future. When Lavos devastated the world, however, the vast majority of humanity was wiped out, leaving the robots and their leader, Mother Brain, to take control, hunting down the humans that still lived.

Robo was an outlier among his brethren, able to sympathize with humans and enjoy their companionship. He was deactivated and tossed out for his insubordination, but when he was reactivated by Crono and company, he instinctively knew he had to do everything in his power to protect and aid them. If that kind of earnest kindness in such a chunky robot isn’t cute, what is?

2 ED-E – Fallout: New Vegas

9 Most Adorable Robots in Gaming

As an Eyebot built by the defunct Enclave, ED-E’s original directive in the Mojave was probably similar to the other Eyebots in the Capital Wasteland: spread the Enclave’s propaganda and spy on people. After a run-in with some bandit snipers, ED-E was disabled, but thanks to some tinkering from the Courier, he was back on his… whatever he uses to hover around.

Despite only being a floating ball, ED-E can be very expressive at times thanks to his built-in speaker, which plays music bites depending on his mood. He’s very loyal to the Courier and their companions, and his various beeps and boops can become quite comforting in the midst of a dangerous desert.

1 Turing – 2064: Read Only Memories

Most Relationship Organizational Managers, or “ROMs,” have generically friendly faux-personalities, making them seem approachable, but not really capable of actual empathy. Turing is not like most ROMs, however; while their nature inclines them to be helpful and compliant, Turing is entirely capable of independent thought and is very eager to learn everything they possibly can.

Turing is kind of like a human child, soaking up every bit of information and social norms that they see in order to become a more complete being. As a quirk of this, Turing is exceptionally knowledgeable on a variety of subjects, but when it comes to normal social interactions, they’re basically clueless, creating an endearing dichotomy.

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