20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Harry Potter continues to delight fans the world over, and we are taking a look at some of the most incredible fanart of our favorite characters…

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20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Nearly 21 years have passed since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was first published. That’s over two decades since people all over the world first fell in love with the series and it ‘s still going strong to this day. The sequel to Fantastic Beasts is set to open in theatres later this year, giving all of us another adventure in the magical world to look forward to. The theme park at Universal Studios is going strong, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is showing on Broadway, and the Pottermore website still has a healthy following of devoted fans visiting every day. The Harry Potter world STILL thrives.

Loyal fans of the series have always shown their appreciation wherever they could. Fan art for Harry and his companions is as abundant and alive as the series itself. Thousands of submissions can be seen across the internet, portraying the beloved characters in the most numerously expressive and creative ways possible. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the most awesome pieces of Harry Potter fan art we could find.

As a quick note, this list is not necessarily a “Best Of” nor is it a list of “From Worst To Best.” Instead what we’ve done is found 20 examples of the best fan art that we could find for you to enjoy. Each piece is unique and displays a sense of style all on its own. With that said, here are 20 awesome fan art versions of our favorite Harry Potter characters.

20 Hermione In Full Color

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

This vivid full-color portrait of Hermione Granger is one of the most colorful and striking pieces of the young Gryffindor to be found online. The color of her eyes and hair shines brightly as if a real light had been caught in them. This is heightened by the splotches of white, giving the whole picture an illuminating quality. The castle looming in the background gives us a slightly darker contrast to top it all off.

We see Hermione here as simply a young student, as she would be on any typical day in Hogwarts. As many ways as one could portray this character, I personally like the simplicity of this one. Hermione is an intelligent and caring woman. She’s a leader, a protector, a loyal friend, and a brave fighter, but she’s also a student just like any of her friends in school. This is a piece as suitable to the famed character as any other could be.

Art by Valentinaba.

19 Bellatrix Lestrange In Her Element

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Possibly the most sinister and demented witch among the Death Eaters, we see Bellatrix Lestrange here digitally painted in all her dark glory. The green hue of magic we see swirling around from her wand perfectly fits with the kind of magic we might actually see emanating from the woman. You can clearly see the wickedness inside of her eyes and smile here as well.

Bellatrix is clearly some sort of high-functioning sociopath.

There is no question that she enjoys inflicting pain and has little to no remorse for anyone. As one of the scariest of the group, it’s fitting to see her surrounded by darkness and clearly comfortable there. Slight gray splatters emitting from around her upper body give her an eerie kind of glow. If you’re ever facing a sight like this in person, it could very well be the last thing you ever see.

Art by rerinkin.

18 It’s A Gryffindor Victory

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

It’s a celebration! There’s no Harry, Ron, and Hermione here though. Instead, we’re taken back to an earlier time and an earlier version of the Gryffindor house that we haven’t often seen. Dedicated fans may have noticed the two in Quidditch jerseys as the young James Potter and Sirius Black.

That’s right, this is a painting of the older generation celebrating during their school days.

Also in the picture, we can see young versions of Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and even a young Lilly Evans. There aren’t very many moments in the books or movies where we get to see these characters together like this. There certainly aren’t any moments as cheerful as this one. It’s nice to see the group looking so happy together, especially knowing the grim fates each of them has met. The warm colors and happy faces really give this piece an uplifting feeling.

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Art by Viria13.

17 Sirius The Shaggy Black Dog

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

It’s the late Sirius Black in both his human and animagus forms! From the look of this portrayal, it’s clear to see how scary it must’ve been to see Sirius as a dog without knowing what he really was. You really couldn’t be blamed for mistaking him as a Grim. The similarities between his two appearances can be seen here in the shabbiness and posture of each portrayal.

Sirius is a loyal and courageous friend who wouldn’t dream of hurting anyone he cared about.

If you’re a danger to anyone he loves, however, then you’re likely to meet his protective side, which could be dangerous. Sirius not only shares some of his appearance with his dog side, he shares some characteristics with that of a loyal dog as well. This illustration captures his personality in exactly the same way his animagus form is supposed to.

Art by irenhorrors.

16 Winter Solstice

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

It’s a clear and quiet day at Hogwarts. Winter has come and the snow is falling gently from the sky. It’s just after dusk and it’s cold.

Walking alone together through the forest are Harry Potter and… Draco Malfoy?

Probably not something likely to have happened in the official story canon, but in the depths of a fan’s imagination, anything is possible. There is actually quite a lot of Draco and Harry content on the internet for anyone who’s ever wanted to see the two of them closer together.

What makes this one stand out is simply the beautifully picturesque setting our characters are in. It feels like a cold and quiet winter night with two people walking alone. They aren’t fighting or arguing from the look of things, they’re just walking peacefully side-by-side.

Art by dorisdoris.

15 The Portrait Of Godric Gryffindor

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Here’s one from a character we never got to see portrayed in any other way but his name before now: the founder of Gryffindor house, and one of the four founders of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As much as his namesake appears across the Harry Potter universe, there isn’t any official representation of the man himself that I know of.

This fact has left an open window for fans to portray the man in any way the can imagine.

This portrait is very skillfully painted with very clear details on the appearance of Mr. Gryffindor. At first glance, one might confuse him with a more robust version of Dumbledore with his slightly gray hair and beard. Obviously, the artist chose to incorporate the characteristics of Gryffindor house with the actual look of the character. The infamous sword of Gryffindor is here too, giving more authenticity to the piece overall.

Art by rapho4art.

14 Harry Potter: Comic Book Style

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Have you ever imagined or wondered about how the Harry Potter story might look if it were made into a comic? If so, then this piece has some eye-catching imagery to satisfy that curiosity. Reminiscent of some of the early movie posters, this piece features a number of characters and beasts from the Harry Potter world blended together to create a stunning and unique collage.

The Harry Potter fandom has had no shortage of comic-inspired creations.

Fan fiction itself is abundant in all manner of mediums from short stories, to films, to full-length graphic novels. Here we have an example of what very well could pass for an official comic if one were ever released. The imagery here really looks like it could make an engaging experience out of the stories we already love. Maybe not today, but perhaps one day we’ll have something that incorporates artwork like this into the Harry Potter lore.

Art by electrocereal.

13 Harry Potter And The Wonky Spell

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Speaking of comic-book styles, here was have another example from the other end of the spectrum. Humor in the Harry Potter series has never been quite like this, but I think I can see this as a possibly legitimate occurrence. If not Harry, I’m sure someone has misused the engorgio spell at some point and ended up like this.

Luckily he still seems capable of reversing the situation once he gets his wand back in his hands.

It’s nice to include something on the lighter side when considering the variety of fan art that exists. It just goes to show how many different ways fans can express their creativity with certain characters. There aren’t many other places I know of where you’d get to see Harry Potter this… HD.

Art by e1n.

12 Draco The King Of Slytherin

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Now we’re back into the realm of intense full sized portraits. This is an incredibly detailed and realistic looking piece. It portrays the king of Slytherin house in a truly regal style that suits the character well.

It looks like the kind of portrait Draco might have wanted for himself at one time, with a pose that proudly displays the Dark Mark on his arm.

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The pale green color scheme works well here given the character. What’s impressive is how much work had to go into painting him so vividly. Even for a digital portrait that takes dedication. Fans of Draco Malfoy will adore this one for just how good the guy looks leaning on his chair and staring straight out of the frame at you.

Art by frodobolson72.

11 Harry And Sirius, We Are Family

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

One of the saddest parts of the Harry Potter series, which is a really sad series at times, is just how little time Harry and Sirius had to spend together. It was only two years from the time Harry discovered his Godfather to the time he was ended. In that time, moments like this were all too infrequent. That’s what makes this piece of fan art so special.

The close bond between Harry and Sirius is evident here, as is the protective nature of Sirius Black in general. You can tell how much trust and appreciation there is for one another. The splatters of paint here give it an added layer of emotion, knowing how tragically their relationship would end. Scenes like this are sure to inspire fondness for the pair in any fans of the series.

Art by ertdax212.

10 The Mauraders Anime Style

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Another art form adapted to the Harry Potter universe that surely wouldn’t have come from J.K. Rowling. Here we have the original makers of the Mauraders Map together in anime style. Moony, Wormtale, Padfoot, and Prongs. AKA Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter. In the background, we also have a shot of Lilly and Snape, neither one of which look quite as amused as the others do.

Scenes like this are what makes fan art a fun experience for the creator and viewer alike. As stated previously in this list, there aren’t many places where you could see these characters interacting together so normally. It’s nice to look at something and imagine how these guys may have really been in their school days. Something like this definitely suits their personalities.

Art by Suou.

9 Harry’s Reflection In The Broken Mirror

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

A memorable image from the Deathly Hallows that’s significant on a number of levels. The mirror was a gift from Sirius that would have allowed Harry to communicate with him if he had ever used it. Unfortunately, Harry never touched it until after Sirius died, and shattered it shortly afterward. The mirror comes back in the Deathly Hallows to play an important part that actually ends up saving many lives.

Fans of the series will probably recognize this moment immediately.

The level of detail seen here is beautiful. Pencil drawings like this are always amazing, especially when conveying such a delicate moment as this. The look in Harry’s eyes is so realistic, and the many reflections of them in the mirror make it look even better. As one of the pivotal scenes of the last entry into the series, It’s nice to have this moment portrayed for our own eyes to see.

Art by ashleymd7.

8 Luna’s Patronus Portrait

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

This picture of Luna shows off the many quirks of the character fabulously. She has her wand behind her ear, her spectroscope glasses on her forehead, her radish earrings on, and her faithful patronus on her should that happens to be a white bunny. Everything great about Luna is portrayed beautifully, and she’s even surrounded by a bluish-white glow to represent her house color.

Luna is adored by many fans of the series for her unique personality and sense of style.

As an oddball among witches and wizards, she never fails to stand out from the crowd. This vivid and colorful portrayal of the character pops out just as much as she would if she were present in the room and it displays everything she is perfectly.

Art by peculiardork.

7 The Dark Lord Has Come

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Imagine the wizard unlucky enough to cross paths with Lord Voldemort on a stormy night! He isn’t bothered by the weather in the slightest, brushing the rain aside with a mere flick of his wand. He’s coming for you, and you don’t have much time.

Any depiction of Lord Voldemort could be scary given just how misshapen and evil looking he is. This piece accentuates the darkness by placing him in a torrential downpour with violent slashes of discordant color heightening the effect. As the wickedest and most talented dark magic user of his age it’s only fighting to give him a portrait that displays his true nature. The Dark Lord is merciless and cruel and determined to live forever. It’s no wonder most people fear to speak his name.

Art by wisesnailart.

6 Newt Scamander, Finder Of Fantastic Beasts

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

We couldn’t make a list of Harry Potter fan art without at least one mention from the Fantastic Beasts series. Here’s the author and star of the story himself, Newt Scamander rendered in full color with a fantastic beast of one sort or another surrounding him.

Ever since the first movie was released in late 2016, fans have taken to Fantastic Beasts warmly as an extension of the fantasy world we’ve all had the pleasure of getting to know. The star character is an anxious but brilliant wizard from a time decades before Lord Voldemort ever imagined taking power. Later this year we’ll all have the chance to see Newt again, and perhaps some of us will feel inspired to create more works of art such as this.

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Art by in-sine.

5 Snape And Lilly, The Romance That Never Was

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Only in the world of fan-made art could we have ever truly seen these two together this way. The tragic final revelation about Professor Snape’s life shocked audiences when the discovered his secret love for Harry’s mother. It was a one-sided affair however, and in no way does it appear that Lilly ever cared for snape in this way. As far as we know, Snape never cared for anyone else either.

The piece itself is beautifully done and gives us a convincing glimpse at what might have been in another life.

It’s the kind of image Snape may have imagined sadly for years knowing it could never happen. The hues of black and red across this one give off a bittersweet aura that captures perfectly what the scene should be. It’s a romance, but it’s a tragedy as well.

Art by OneOfTwo.

4 Lupin And Tonks, The Shapeshifting Couple

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks, the werewolf and the metamorphagus. Another pair that came to a tragic end, these two are represented brilliantly here with the dual images from night to day. Lupin is seen for both his human wolfish sides, while Tonks is displayed wearing two of the infinite possibilities for appearances she can change into.

This is another example of a fan-created moment we never got to see much of in the official series. Tonks and Lupin were only together by the beginning of The Deathly Hallows and were both lost before the story’s end. It’s nice to see them happily for a change. Nearly every time they’re seen together in the books and movies has been hurried and tense. This is the kind of image fans of these characters would love to have seen more of.

Art by tropicalraccoon.

3 Harry And Ginny Passing By

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

They were apart for so long that this must have happened at some point somewhere while the two of them were at Hogwarts. Here we see a side by side comparison of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley as they pass each other by unexpectedly. They both look back, but neither of them stops or says a word. Luckily for the two of them, this story has a happier ending than some of our other couples had. Soon enough they’ll be together with their three children and be seeing them off to school on platform 9 & 3/4.

The snowy gray atmosphere and sad look on their faces do paint a more depressing picture than what would come to be.

It takes us into a time when these two were separated and unsure of what they would become. The imagination of fans continues to show us moments never before seen between characters we know so well.

Art by makingpicsslowly.

2 Altogether In Diagon Alley

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Last but by no means least on our list of awesome artwork, we have a mix of some of our favorite characters mingling and laughing together in Diagon Alley. It’s a warm-hearted picture celebrating the happier times that Harry and his friends experienced together. Every corner of this piece has a familiar face to look at and everyone is expressing themselves in their own unique way. As dark and terrifying as things get in the world of Harry Potter, scenes like this are what make fans love the world for everything that it is.

Fanart is a creative celebration of works we admire. When we imagine new ways of experiencing the characters we’ve invested our hearts in, this is the kind of result that we can get. As long as there are people creating and means of sharing, we’ll always have more work like this to enjoy.

Art by ry-spirit.

1 Snape’s Last Stand

20 Awesome Fan Art Versions Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

This appreciation of Severus Snape comes from the artist RaShelli, as a tribute to the tragic teacher’s last moments. As stated in the original post we can really feel the character for who he is, “Forever lonely, loyal and noble and bound by his memories and regrets.”

Anyone who’s familiar with the story will know just how revealing Snape’s final thoughts were.

What we learned about him in the Deathly Hallows was enough to make us recognize him as one the most complicated and multi-layered characters in the series. His secret love for Lily, and the years he spent hiding his true self from nearly everyone around him, definitely left a lot of baggage to unpack. Artworks such as this really express how much people have become attached to Snape as a character and have empathized with his heartbreakingly sad plight.

The doe and snake intertwining suggests a duality within him that ultimately led to his profound unhappiness.

Art by rashelli.

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